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Your Competent Partner for Waterborne Glass Coating.

Our products are considered as safe for sensitive individuals. It is suitable for a variety of industries include the interiors of childcare, kindergarden, clinics, hospitals or other medical facilities.

Waterborne Glass Coating
(HKC 1000)

A single layer of coating with low VOC, low odor, self-priming/permanent-bonding waterborne glass coating.

Waterborne Glass Adhesion Promoter
(HKC 1111)

A special additive. HKC 1111 can be added into waterborne glass coating before application. It forms a hard coating surface which obtain a high level of adhesion.

Waterborne Glass Coating Thinner
(HKC 1121)

HKC 1121 is a revolutionary, glass coating thinner that is specially formulated to work with Hydro Kalon waterborne glass coating.