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Excellent Performance

  • Passed 24 hours Boiling Test, Adhesion, Chemical and Physical Tests
  • Passed harmful substance tests include heavy metal, plasticizers, formaldehyde, hazardous substances Chemical

Test Items

Test Methods

Test Results

Chemical Resistance (MEK)


Not affeted by Methyl Ethyl Keton

Water Absoption


0.06% in average

UV Weathering

ASTM D4587

No visual hue, saturation or lightness Change

Boil Test and Adhesion

ANSI Z97.1 + ASTM D3359

Completly smooth and no detachment of cut lattice


ASTM D3359

No coating removed

Scrape Resistance

ASTM D2197

No coating removed at the maximum 10kg weight

Sustainable Coating

We strive to focus on creating sustainable coating for glass processing include maximizing durability and reducing volatile organic compounds (VOC).

It is certified that our products meet the most stringent tests "French VOC Emission Class A+ Label" for Indoor Air Quality in the industry and the most rigorous standards for chemical emissions and VOCs ( Benzene, carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR) chemicals).

Our products are considered as safe for sensitive individuals. It is suitable for a variety of industries include the interiors of childcare, kindergarten, clinics, hospitals or other medical facilities.